Get popular between cartoon fans with teenage mutant ninja collectibles


Teenage mutant ninja is one of the most popular cartoon series of all time. When the series first came was mostly seen by kids. However with growing interest and action involved no doubt even many adults today are big fans of teenage mutant ninja turtles. As a result of the great success of TMNT ninja turtles, many brands even till today offer some limited edition collectibles like action figures, weapons and other such which are highly in demand in the market today. Some of  the most famous collectibles of TMNT ninja turtles are as follows:

Action figures:

Action figures of competing TMNT ninja turtle team were the first type of collectibles that first came into the market. The complete team set of the TMNT ninja original set is still available in the market which is sold by some great collectors only. The original action figure set includes all TMNT ninjas. One can also find separate action figures of each TMNT heroes which were launched much later after series hit. Most of the original action sets of TMNT ninja turtles are made up with a combination of rubber and plastic. The action figure for TMNT ninja turtle most in demand is of Donatello ninja turtles.

Masks, weapons and ribbons:

All TMNT ninja turtles used to wear a ribbon which covered their eyes and also acted as masks. The ribbons of each ninja turtle are different in color helping for easy identification between TMNT ninja turtle heroes. The hero masks and eye ribbons were the second most popular collectibles when it comes to most sold TMNT ninja turtle collection. While the masks and ribbons were directly sold by the original team of makers of TMNT ninja, they were sold for a very limited time despite of great demand. Due to limited sell, the collection of masks and ribbons is also very popular among TMNT fans today.

Apart from masks and ribbons for TMNT ninja turtles, the makers also did sell ninja turtle weapons. The weapon collection for TMNT ninja turtle includes weapons of some most popular characters like ninja turtle Raph and ninja turtle LEO. Weapons of Leo were the two swords while Raph weapon is short 3point sword. So when it comes to collectibles, Raph and Leo weapons are the most popular items you can go for.

Role play costumes:

Role play costumes for TMNT ninja turtles are the latest collectible items which were released not long ago. The collectibles include ninja turtle costumes of different size and height of all ninja turtle characters. One can either buy an individual costume for role play or buy costumes of the entire ninja turtle team. The role play costume collectibles are highly advanced copy of original costumes. Therefore the costumes are slightly expensive. The features of these costumes do include some light special effects which make them perfect for a Ninja Turtle Cartoon Artwork  role play performance at a stage.

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